Merbau like all timbers will react to climatic changes during its service life. We attempt to minimise the effect these changes may have on the appearance of the product but resin bleed, raised grain or uneven swelling may occur as a result of climatic conditions. To reduce the risks we recommend the use of protective finishes to enhance the appearance and improve the service life of the product. Protective finishes will prolong the service life of finger jointed and laminated Merbau by limiting the effects UV light has on the product, reducing moisture ingress and aiding with the dimensional stability of the product.


ProLam should be kept dry and protected from moisture before installation. This is to prevent resin bleed and prolong the appearance of your Merbau. If resin bleed does occur, lightly sand the affected area(s) before coating. It is recommended that prolam products have coated with a protective finish applied to enhance the appearance and improve the service life of the product. First coat of oil or stain should be applied prior to installation once cut to size, notches made and holes are drill, this gives maximum protection for the timber. This should be applied to all sides edges, notches and ends. The final two coats should be applied within 30 days of installation followed by annual applications will continue to protect the ProLam products when exposed to the weather. When using stainless steel balustrading it is recommended that bolt type fixing is used rather than screw and buckle type fixings which can cause de-lamination.

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