ProLam products feature increased strength due to the laminating process - glulam is stronger than solid timber as it has fewer natural defects and a wider distribution. It is also comparable to steel in strength but is much lighter. The adhesive used in the laminating process is Phenol Rescorcinol Formaldehyde and is considered the industry standard for structural engineered wood applications. A high degree of dimensional stability is also provided as glulam Merbau is manufactured from seasoned timber and is therefore less prone to movement caused by changes in moisture content. It is recommended however that the timber is coated. Accredited span tables are also available for applications such as Verandah & Roof Beams, Rafters, Floor Joists & Posts.


ProLam is a bush fire resisting timber for BAL 29 (as per AS 3959) applications to give you an added piece of mind when building in bush fire prone areas.

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